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Method To Substantially Increase Energy And Personal Productivity Levels With New Timing System

By using just the Yin and Yang cycles alone you will be much more productive and see your energy levels improve. Make effective and successful choices in every area with this personal timing system.

San Jose, California (FPR) April 30, 2007 -- TimeGnosis.com revealed today a new understanding of Time and Timing Cycles that markedly increases productivity, energy levels and overall wellness and well-being. The ancient wisdom the Taoists teach is that everything in the universe “breaths” in a Yin (inhale) and Yang (exhale) rhythm - including the rhythm of time. By aligning daily with your innate personal time-line as shown through your Personal Timescope you begin to easily move into this flow and come into “synch” with this natural rhythm.

The typical cycles normally followed by most people leaves them feeling tired and run down week after week, eventually leading to chronic conditions and ill health. “In the forced go, go, go pace of our modern society, we have come to completely lack a respect for this natural flow, which I see as the root cause of much of the burnout, disease and spiraling illness people are experiencing today - the immune system has no chance to heal and regenerate” suggests Allen David Reed, Co-Author and Creator of TimeGnosis.com.

Right timing substantially eliminates STRESS on the body, by letting it relax and regenerate naturally. Abundance, well-being, vibrant health, a natural resurgence of energy - without artificial stimulants - along with substantially increased levels of motivation and productivity are the natural result. Testimonials from members generally show marked results within 90 days or less. The membership to TimeGnosis is completely risk free and comes with a one year full money back guarantee.

The best part is that these benefits can readily be accomplished in every lifestyle through a simple realignment and refocusing of your daily scheduling based on your personal time-line. On your Yin days you spend more time taking in information, resting, reflecting, sorting out and organizing, making calls and setting appointments, etc. These are the days you inhale in. On Yang days, the natural flow of the universe makes it easy for you to launch new projects, be out in the world, attend meetings, negotiate, be creative, exert power and succeed - these are the days you are to exhale out. When you violate this natural flow, you swim against the tide of the universe - as personal and specific to you. And each person has a unique timing rhythm.

Allen continues, “The benefits of following this rhythm are remarkable when you begin to make effective and successful choices in every area of your life with this proven personal timing system.”

And this is just the beginning of the full scope of knowledge found in the Personal Timescopes. At the heart of this personalized timing system, which combines both Sacred ancient knowledge with the most advanced quantum and holographic models and computational technologies, is found an understanding that has been forbidden knowledge for millennia and is to this day the secret behind the world’s rulers and ultra wealthy.

Compelling and engaging speakers and teachers, Allen David Reed and Michael Tsarion welcome all opportunities for editorial submissions and are available for print, radio and television interviews and public presentations regarding harnessing the secrets of time using the ancient and modern sciences incorporated into the TimeGnosis Personal Timescopes. Contact Mr. Allen Reed at 831-465-1047 to schedule either or both of these dynamic speakers today.

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