TimeGnosis Personal Timescopes
Contact: Allen David Reed


New Personal Time Management Planner Revolutionizes "Right Timing."

July 20, 2006 - TimeGnosis.com has created a revolutionary new "Timing" guidance tool unlike any "time management" planner, "Day Timer," or decision support system ever devised. This accomplishment came as the result of the integration of advanced computing systems, quantum principles, chaos theory, and the latest technological innovations in anomaly research - with the proven, centuries old science of number archetypes and the "Personal Timeline."

Using a regular calendar, this Personal Timeline has now been put in layman's terms so anyone can benefit and prosper simply by tapping effortlessly into this unclaimed reservoir. Now everyone can be propelled to new heights of power, wealth and advantage leveraging this "hidden" use of Time - a knowledge employed by the ultra rich for centuries and the ancient Chinese Wu Wei (which translates into "effortless flow") Masters before them. Science is now just coming to fully grasp these profound understandings known to many of history's great geniuses.

Time is much more than the mundane clock or calendar we've been taught. Because we live in a Time/Space world, our success in life (Space) has to do with the right use Time. Encoded in a person's Date Of Birth (DOB) are the keys to successfully aligning with the synchronous flow of their life. These personal timing codes, which form the underlying current of existence, are the hidden blueprint influencing every area of one's life.

TimeGnosis, however, raises the bar considerably by further calibrating the Personal Timeline to the Sidereal astronomical transits and by the utilization of advanced quantum technologies to further personalize the focus for each days intentions. These and other technological breakthroughs yield a timing method of unsurpassed accuracy.

"In our research, we were looking for the most critical factors influencing our lives and realized the enormous untapped 'quantum potential' hidden in the Personal Timeline," says Allen David Reed, - Co-Author and Creator of TimeGnosis.com. "Like the seasons and tides, everything in life runs in cycles, and these cycles of course occur in time. The secrets to unleashing the quantum potential stored in one's birth date and the cycles of time were well known to the ancients. By synchronizing your daily activities to the Personal Timeline generated by these codes, or being aware of what to keep an eye out for, you are brought into harmony and balance and taken to the pinnacle of success in all areas of your life. You will never experience time the same way again. And now through the Personal Timescopes™, our members get that same edge and know the ideal timing on the events, experiences, obstacles, opportunities, relationships or warnings heading one's way, and to paraphrase one of my favorite rock bands - put Time… on THEIR side…"

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Compelling and engaging speakers and teachers, Allen David Reed and Michael Tsarion welcome all opportunities for editorial submissions and are available for print, radio and television interviews and public presentations regarding harnessing the secrets of time using the ancient and modern sciences incorporated into the TimeGnosis Personal Timescopes. Contact Mr. Kelly Conway at 408-399-0559 to schedule either or both of these dynamic speakers today.