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Discover How This Secret Use Of Time and Place Brings Wealth, Well-Being, Peace Of Mind And Prosperity - In All Areas Of Your Life!

You will have NO Dis-ease once you discover - and are LIVING - your True life goal and purpose.

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"TimeGnosis has been very helpful in keeping me on the main road. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not here yet, all I have is here and now and TimeGnosis. It is not what I do or how much I do, it is the value of what I do in relation to my goals. Thank you TimeGnosis!" - Gino Ray (San Diego, California)

"I do enjoy looking and seeing what day it is for me!" - Barbara Pollock (Chase, British Columbia, Canada)

"First I'd like to tell you that even just subscribing to TimeGnosis and getting familiar with it is very, very helpful. It gives some very simple, yet really empowering advice, so thank you very much! It is fantastic, it is a really good price, even for Bulgaria - it is absolutely affordable..." - Vanya Toneva, Intuitive Consultant (Burgas, Bulgaria)

"Thank you very much Allen for the consultations for my husband and I, which were well received and greatly appreciated." - Deborah Sue Pomeroy-Reckmeyer, Intuitive Consultant (The Plains, Virginia, US)

TimeGnosis is a very simple to use calendar method designed to assist you in making your best choices and highest alignments daily. You will reach another level of life mastery when you discover your personal, natural time cycles and your relationship to them. TimeGnosis is your own daily Sacred time keeper to live in even deeper harmony and flow.

Michael Tsarion's students unanimously agree that the guidance received using TimeGnosis is both highly practical and, because of its roots in the Mystery School tradition of ancient Egypt, a most powerful application spiritually and practically. Esoteric secrets in their everyday lives.

Now when you need to:

  • Know the best timing to start any new activity or project
  • Make any decisions affecting your business or personal career
  • Schedule personal appointments and meetings
  • Know when to make travel or vacation plans
  • Evaluate and make important investments
  • Arrange your best timing for health, wellness and self care
  • Choose your best alignments to focus your inner spiritual work
  • What days are best to connect with family members and friends
  • Arrange plans for your children or family's welfare
  • Choose important life-changing events (engagements, marriages, births, etc.)
  • Know how to respond to any invitations, requests, or sales offers
  • And any other decisions - small and large...

You can be assured you'll make your best choices!

"Synchronicity is a sign that the universe is working with us - or perhaps more accurately - that we are working in harmony with the universe." ~ Wayne Visser, 2007

Remember how lining up the three numbers opens a combination lock? You can now open your life to the higher harmonics of synchronicity when you move into the rhythm of natural time with TimeGnosis.

Connect to your true "Authentic Self" and begin to open pathways to your higher knowing - your Gnosis. When you coordinate your daily activities to the flow of your TimeGnosis cycles and rhythms, you can literally learn to reshape time and space.

INCLUDED with your yearly membership is your choice of user friendly, easy-to-use formats, so knowing the "right timing" to act on important decisions — or under what influence important events coming into your life are operating — is a snap with TimeGnosis. With TimeGnosis you can take your life to the next level NOW…

Join Thousands Of Exceptional People Just Like Yourself…

Join Thousands Of Exceptional People Just Like Yourself…

However, don't let TimeGnosis' ease of use and simplicity fool you! The Sacred knowledge behind TimeGnosis integrates some of the deepest alchemical secrets of the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools. Life won't pass you by again when you join the thousands of TimeGnosis users from all over the world who are mastering this Sacred art of TimeGnosis and prospering. And you will enhance significantly the synergy and potential success for couples and teams when readings with two or more TimeGnosis Personal Timescopes are involved.

This is a simple, yet an effective, practical method of self-development and success…

Personal Calendar Sample
View a Sample of your Personal Calendar

In addition, through advanced quantum and fractal principles, when you sign up for your TimeGnosis membership a "unique" energy signature is created so you now have the ability to know your "path" or "flow" instantly and with complete accuracy. See these suggestions given by your daily, current month and year intentions as you move your mouse over the calendar's numbers. Your Personal Timescope is an exclusive and highly refined personal timing tool brought to a level of elegant simplicity enabling you to quickly and easily learn to master this vital life knowledge, no matter what your background!

Put your Personal Timescope to work today and begin bringing unparalleled advantage to advance your life in all areas.

Gain the full benefit of TimeGnosis… and trust in your confidence every step of the way.

You can can load your Daily Personalized Intentions for the entire year into Outlook, Apple iCal or Google Calendar, use RSS feeds or Your Google Personal Home! Wake up knowing your EXACT focus for the day — each and every day. Set goals… schedule events… and make all of your plans confidently knowing you will be aligned for success.

Use the "at a glance" Personal Timescope calendar and have both a visual and numerical correspondence that makes reading your Personal Timescope easy, quick and fun! The comprehensive Numbers Key explains the nature of each of the numbers.

PLEASE NOTE! Your TimeGnosis Personal Timescope is NOT "standard" numerology or astrology as many people may know it, yet it does utilize the archetypes of numbers as part of the way TimeGnosis communicates the nature of the day, month and year "cycles". It is significantly more accurate than any other timing and number systems that have come before it because it alone corresponds with the underlying universal SIDEREAL cycles. Because there is a no risk money-back guarantee for trying TimeGnosis, the best way is to use TimeGnosis and experience it for yourself!

TimeGnosis shows you the optimum potential moments for when and how to make your most effective choices.

Everything in life runs in cycles. Like the waves in the ocean, these cycles either catapult you effortlessly forward, or throw you mercilessly aside with every choice you make, whether you are aware of it or not. This simple truth well known to the ancients has been mastered by the ruling classes for many a century. Leveraging these laws of life to raise you up to new heights is the secret to power that has been kept a well-guarded secret, until now.

The great geniuses and mathematicians throughout history have learned the codes to these universal cycles and we use them everyday without even knowing it.

Number codes are the origins of all our alphabets, time systems, clocks and calendars. Time, however, is much more than the mundane aspects of the clock or calendar you've been taught — Time has a far more important third quality.

Your Date Of Birth both fixes your relationship to these universal cycles and starts your "personal clock" cycle — your "Soul's Personal Timeline" — for the rest of your days on earth.

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These personal clock codes are the "magic key" given to you by the Universal Intelligence that unlocks your potential and puts you "in the zone."

By synchronizing your personal timeline, you immediately enjoy higher levels of empowerment and success when using your Personal Timescope. Being in the right place, when you plan and act according to your personal clock with Time as your friend and ally, you get to avoid the pitfalls that have wasted so much of your time, energy and resources before now.

Using Your Birthdate

“With MY Personal Timescope... I would have known that yesterday I would have wanted to avoid large financial purchases, sought help with professional matters or brought tasks to completion. This is only a small sampling of the awareness I will gain by signing up now for my Personal Timescope and getting this advantage working for me today!”
The following simple metaphor illustrates this principle.

Imagine yourself swimming in the ocean being tossed to and fro by the immense force of the waves. You quickly become exhausted fighting against them. Yet at the same time you see someone along side of you surfing gracefully with ease and little effort.

The same could be said for personal growth, health matters, relationships, business and stock market cycles… virtually every activity in your life!

Success in life has to do with Divine Mastery and this hidden use of the synchronicity of TIME is a key part of that.

Being "in the zone" or being "in the flow" means harnessing this universal knowledge of Time and Place to propel you along rather than work against you.

When it comes to making any choice that affects your life — You simply cannot afford to be without TimeGnosis!

RISK FREE Money Back Guarantee …Begin today using your user-friendly TimeGnosis Personal Timescope, and start to see your life powerfully and dramatically shift. Create an Account and begin integrating this amazing tool into your life today, and if at the end of six months you do not agree that your Personal Timescope is worth every penny of its price, simply contact us for a full refund. Don't put off harnessing the single most important tool available to bring forward the full potential in your life — the right use of Time. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Invest just $29.87 in yourself now for one full year of TimeGnosis… Bring the knowledge of synchronicity to you today!

Still not sure? Click here to watch author Michael Tsarion show you the TRUTH about TIME.

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