What Is iGoogle?

What Is The iGoogle Personalized Home Page?

iGoogle Personalized Home The new iGoogle Personalized Home service allows people to consolidate various Google features they use, ranging from your TimeGnosis Personal Timescopes to web search and email, into a personalized home page.

The iGoogle personalized home page is one of the many new “tools” Google is now providing as part of Google's “Fusion” strategy.

Want to sign-up? Just click on the “Add to Google” button you will find on our TimeGnosis Daily Personal Focus page above (or Daily Personal Intentions if you are a current member).

When you save your options, you'll either be asked to sign-in to your Google Account or create one if you haven't yet got one. Just follow the easy instructions and that's it -- you'll be personalized!

Once created, in addition to your free Timegnosis Personal Daily Focus or TimeGnosis Personal Intention (for members), you'll have the option to add a number of modules of your choosing such as stocks, weather, RSS feeds or the latest headlines.

Click here to go to Google and find out more.