Your Daily Personal Intention Example

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Put the genius of this Planning Power Tool right into your Google Personalized Home page, Google Desktop, or any site created with Google Page Creator! Now have your FULL Personal Timescope’s quantum-number based daily insight always close at hand. By using this simple "Google Gadget", you can easily access your Personal Intentions from just about anywhere.

If you have completed signing up for your TimeGnosis Personal Timescopes account, then simply click on the “Add to Google” link below, and then once more on the following page. Finally, enter your Personal Timescope's Username and Password. If you want to see the advanced display, which includes the Personal Month and Personal Year Intentions in addition to the Personal Day's Intention, then check the “Advanced” checkbox. Select the “Save” button and you are all done!

Whether you are using the Google Personalize Home, Desktop, or Page Creator, your Daily Intentions will automatically update at Midnight everyday for your time zone. The only work you ever have to do is type in your name and birthday.

If you're using the Personalized Home, to make things really simple, after Personalizing, set as your browser's default home page to see your Personal Intentions every time you go on the Internet, even from different computers and different browsers!