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Your Daily Personal Intention Example We hope you are enjoying your TimeGnosis® Daily Personal Focus™!

Your TimeGnosis® Personal Intentions™ membership opens up for you “the rest of the story” - a breakthrough combination of ancient and modern science that puts the universal Law of Synchronicity to work for you delivering daily personalized peak potential guidance tuned to your performance and success.

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TimeGnosis is a cutting-edge NEW Personal Productivity System guiding you in making effective and successful choices in every area of your life.

Make your life more successful and stress-free! By being able to recognize the specific energy and intention of any day, month or year, you will see and feel clearly what is in harmony with you and just as powerfully, you can recognize, events, people and opportunities that are not in harmony.


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  • Members only Google Gadget - Easy-To-Use Gadget brings your Timescope´s Personal Intentions into your Google Personalized Homepage, Google Desktop, and web pages created using Google Page Creator.
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  • Optional daily or weekly email delivery
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  • Print or view online beautifully full color Calendar
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