Glossary of Terms

Note: Because this website is using the latest advances in programming and computer technologies, please be sure you have updated to the latest version of your internet browser in order to successfully use this website. This site has been tested with many browsers. We have found the FREE Firefox browser performs flawlessly and renders this site beautifully on all machines and therefore recommend its use when viewing this website. You may download the Firefox Browser by clicking here.

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The latest (PC) version 7 of Microsoft's Internet Explorer has been demonstrated to work well. Mac users are highly encouraged to use the Firefox Browser. Safari versions 2.0. works with limited functionality. Due to it's older design, Safari does not work with the “Download My Calendar” function (no download prompt appears) or the time zone selection, which has therefore been preset to Central Standard Time (US) for Safari users. Netscape Browser must be 8.0.2 or later. If you have the upgraded to the latest version of your browser and continue to experience difficulties, it is local to your computer and you will need to work with another browser in order to effectively use this website (we recommend Firefox).

If you can not access the Site or Login to your Account

This site uses “Cookies,” which are small pieces of data for some of the site's functions. If you are having problems, be sure to first check if your browser is set to accept cookes and/or add to your accepted cookies list.

If you can not access the Site or Login to your Account or if you are not seeing the menu header or this months Calendar after you login (if you see the menu header and not the Calendar - see “Calendar is Blank, Other Anomalies” below), we have found this to be an issue with Security Settings or you may need to first clear the browsers Cache and/or Cookies. Please try reducing the settings in your browser. Go to Tools>Internet Options>Security tab and set the security level for the internet zone to low. Then select the Privacy tab and set that to Accept All Cookies. Click Apply and OK. Close and open the browser and try again to see if you have any success after doing this.

To clear the browsers Cache and/or Cookies, follow these steps:

On Firefox, it is under Tools Menu pulldown > Options > Privacy and the CACHE, COOKIES and HISTORY tabs. Each has a clear button. Close and open the browser and it will be ready to go.

On Explorer, it is under Tools Menu pulldown > Internet Options > Temporary Internet Files - click delete cookie and delete files. Close and open the browser.


We have found some instances where firewall settings are set too high on some systems, blocking you from entering or using the site, as it won't allow the cookie we set to be installed. Generally however, they have not been demonstrated to be a problem. If you are accessing this website from a network, please contact your systems administrator for help with this.

Calendar is Blank, Other Anomalies

If the Calendar or other site features are Blank or are not displaying properly, or are only showing text code, this is due to the Web Browser you are using. Update to the latest version available. If that does not resolve your issues, You may download the FREE Firefox browser by clicking here .

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Error messages occur when trying to view the Site or your Calendar

This has in some cases been shown to be tied to the Privacy Settings. Go to Tools>Internet Options>Privacy tab and set that to Accept All Cookies, then select the Security tab and set the security level for the internet zone to low. Click Apply and OK. Close and open the browser and try again to see if you have any success after doing this.

Screen Resolution

You will need to have your screen resolution set to at least 800x600 in order to view this site properly. We recommend however that you use settings of 1024x768 or equal. This site will work with 256 color settings, however, High Color (16 bit) or True Color (24 bit) are the preferred settings.

Display Font Sizing

We have found that if you have set your computers Display Font Size at larger than “normal size” which is 96 dpi, you may get windows with extra sets of scroll bars and other anomalies may occur. The site is still functional, it just is not displaying as intended.

Credit Card “Badcard” or “Fraud” replies

If your card is not being approved, it is likely that you are not matching exactly the First and Last Name, Address, and Zip Code as they are shown on your credit card statement, or there is an error in the cards numbers you entered or you incorrectly specified the expiration month and year.

Note:We do not have any control over this, we are simply passing your information on to the card companies central computers for authorization. If your card is good and you are getting these messages, please contact your card company and be sure they have your information entered correctly in their database.

Single Names, Ordering for Others using your Credit Card, and other Credit Card Issues

Your credit card may have unique Name or Address requirements. We suggest you complete all required fields to the best of your ability and as the card imprint shows and select submit. If you have a Single name that is used on your credit card - enter it twice - as both your first and your last name. Once you complete signing up, click the “My Account” link and remove it from the Last Name field and select “Update.”

If you are ordering for someone else, Names, addresses, email addresses, passwords, and other changes may be made by updating them in “My Account” after login. Please be sure after making any changes to click “Update.” However, please be sure that the Birth Date is correct for that person as it can not be changed once your order is submitted.

Updating Your Account

After you login to your account, Click the “My Account” link along the top row. You may update any of the available fields, check and/or uncheck if you want to receive Daily or Weekly emails, or whether you want your account to autorenew (assuming you paid by credit card), or to change your password. After you have made the desired changes, click the “Update” button to complete your request.

Retrieving Lost Passwords

We do not have access to your passwords. You will need to retrieve your password by clicking on either the member re-enter link on the homepage or using the login button and then selecting the “I Forgot My Password?” link. Enter your User Name and Email as you provided them at the time of your purchase. These are case sensitive. The User Name and Email are shown on the purchase summary page you printed out at the time of your purchase, and also on the Success Notification email you received when your purchase was approved.

Note: The password your receive back will be a newly created one, for your protection. If you wish to use something else, such as one you are familiar with, follow these steps: 1. Login with your Username and the new password at the member re-enter link on the website's start page or login link found on the homepage, 2. Click the “My Account” link along the top row to open the My Account page, 3. Enter your preferred password twice (your password is Case Sensitive, so be sure to take note of any use of upper and lower case letters, 4. Click the “Update” button.

Printing Issues

Printers connected to your system can not be supported. Issues such as calendars not printing completely or being cut off are typically the result of improper settings and border or margins settings being incorrect. We suggest that you be sure to select “Landscape Mode” in order to print out the calendars. All of the instructions, numbers key, glossary, etc. may be printed directly by selecting the “Print” button on that page after you open it up. For other printing tips and suggestions, please see the “Print Help” page after you login.

Download My Calendar Issues

The “MyCalendar.ics” is a simple text file that complies with the iCalendar format standard. As such, it will not create any issues with file permissions or other issues that may arise when importing or deleting if from your calendar. In all instances these issues are local to your computer or computer network. Please see your Calendar program's documentation on importing the iCalendar format or contact your system or network administrator. Palm and other PDA users must first use Microsoft Outlook or other compatible calendar management application to then import your calendar into your device (you will need to verify beforehand if your calendar management application supports this). Due to the many system complexities and calendar versions, TimeGnosis support is unable to answer requests for help with importing the MyCalendar.ics file into calendar management applications, use questions, or other support requests beyond the instructions we provide on the “Download My Calendar” page.

Contacting Support

PLEASE NOTE: Answers to most questions or problems may be found in this Support FAQ and the various instructions found elsewhere on this website. If you still are needing further assistance, you may email us at . Please provide details with the specific question or problem you are having and be sure to include your telephone number.

Note: When contacting us with support questions, please be sure to include what type of computer system you are using, the operating system and version, and the browser and version. Also be sure to include your phone number so that we may contact you with any additional questions.