Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does Gnosis mean?

A. [noh-sis] –noun (from Greek "gnosis," a seeking to know) Knowledge of spiritual matters; mystical knowledge. Intuitive awareness of spiritual truths, an esoteric form of knowledge sought by the Gnostics.

Q. What makes TimeGnosis™ and my Personal Timescope™ so unique?

A. Some people who become aware of TimeGnosis for the first time frequently mistakenly confuse it with being just another basic Numerology-like system readily found all across the Internet. Others, with little or no awareness of the vast wealth of knowledge possessed by the Ancients, dismiss any notion of numbers symbolizing energies and vibrations as unscientific nonsense.

Both sadly, are mis-informed.

TimeGnosis and your Personal Timescope is the culmination of deep research into a wide range of universally understood principles spanning sciences both past and present. TimeGnosis integrates elements of the ancient Sacred sciences of number archetypes and Astronomy with leading edge technology, Quantum Physics principles and Chaos Theory yielding what is without question the most powerful and most accurate personal timing system available anywhere!

When you align your activities to the patterns found in your TimeGnosis Personal Timescope's guidance you literally begin to open pathways to your higher power so you may start living fully the life of your true Authentic Self.

Q. How will following my Yin and Yang days vastly improve my success?

A. By just following your “Yin and Yang cycle” days, months and years - just one of your Personal Timescope's many features - you will witness your life becoming vastly more successful almost instantly.

The logic for this is simple. Because, like your lungs, the whole universe breaths in and out. One day is active, the next is passive. One day you express out into the world, the next you relax into yourself. And so on and so forth it goes with the alternating of days, months and years. We in these current times have become grossly disconnected from even this very simple natural rhythm, and the price we are paying is spiritual disharmony, rapidly increasing disease and illness, psychosis, the ever increasing breakdown of relationships and the destruction of the very planet we depend upon to sustain us. By implementing this single piece of knowledge alone you will begin to restore your power, bring back your health - which is by far your most important form of wealth, and bring to you an advantage that will propel you well ahead of the pack of humanity racing ahead blindly.

Q. Is it difficult to learn and use?

A. Using your Personal Timescope is now as easy as reading a clock and delivers PERSONALIZED intentions so you will have the most concise planning tool ever made available. And with all the convenient ways you can have it delivered to you, you can tailor it to suite any lifestyle. You can have Timegnosis as an online or colored wall calendar, as an RSS feed to any RSS reader, pda or mobile device; or you can download your Daily Personalized Intentions for the entire year into Outlook, Apple iCal or Google Calendar! Wake up knowing your EXACT focus for the day - each and every day. Set goals... accurately evaluate people and opportunities that come your way... schedule events... and make all of your plans confidently knowing you will be aligned for success. If you are new to living your life aligned to your Personal Timeline, please know that shifting from your present state of awareness to being in flow with your Authentic Self does take a little time, which varies from person to person, so do allow for that. That is the reason we encourage you to use it for a full year, and you will surely in that time see a powerful transformation take place in your life.

Q. What does it mean to be living in Synchronicity, and how can that help me?

A. Synchronicity is a term that was first used by the scientist and psychologist Carl Jung to describe the alignment of universal forces with one's own life experience. Jung believed that some (if not all) coincidences were not mere chance, but instead a literal “co-inciding,” or alignment of forces in the universe to create an event or circumstance. The process of becoming intuitively aware and acting in harmony with these forces is what Jung labeled “Individuation.” Jung said that an Individuated person would actually shape events around them through the communication of their consciousness with the collective unconscious. Quantum science validates this notion, well known to adepts and mystics the world over from time immemorial. By aligning to this flow you will accelerate the law of attraction, the “Great Secret” of the universe, in ways that will seem miraculous. Your TimeGnosis™ Personal Timescope and Gene Keys are your map, your "Operator Manual" to your individuation process. Begin today unlocking this synchronicity so that you will be truly living in “The Power Of Now.” To learn more about Synchronicity and living in the NOW - click here.

Q. Does TimeGnosis™ have any scientific basis?

A. Plato, Einstein and many other of our greatest scientific geniuses down through history and modern times have all recognized the “ebbs and flows” of our universe to be an elegant mathematical tapestry that may be represented through numbers. Our present number systems have evolved from the most learned minds throughout Humanity's development and are at the heart of every one of our current scientific technologies and esoteric mystical systems. The energy inherent in numbers has a life all its own. Number Harmonics reveal the deeper meaning and the archetypal significance of these numbers, and while personal study of Number Harmonics will take you on a very rewarding journey, TimeGnosis™ brings the essence of this subject to you in a simple “at a glance” daily calendar to empower you and others in your personal and professional life.

Q. How Can Numbers and Number Harmonics help me?

A. These Personal Day, Month and Year numbers are the secret harmonics that govern the individual as an individual, not as merely a unit with the collective. Once you begin to follow your Personal Years, Months and Days, you are operating, finally, on the authentic level of existence. The Universal Intelligence will begin to acknowledge your temporal existence and begin operating in a more perceptible manner in your daily life. These principles and practices are, however, not for everyone. Ultimately, they are for those of us seeking true freedom and personal empowerment, on all levels.

Q. What if I am not able to schedule my appointments or meetings, etc., according to the numbers?

A. If you are, for some reason, not in control of planning something based on your Personal Timescope, or are committed to doing something on an inappropriate day, you can still attempt to balance the energy to your favor by diligently observing the nature of the number vibration and adjusting your behavior and attitude to its tone. Moreover, the scheduling of many things usually needs to be done in advance which is challenging to do based on Timelines, unless you have online access or a TimeGnosis calendar already made out. Scheduling regular visits and creating a pattern that is favorable to your Timelines can fail due to the lack of cooperation of others or glitches in their schedules (unless both of you are working with your Personal Timescope's to favorably coordinate your affairs). Extra efforts should, however, be made to align your timing with the best potential numbers for any event as it is the prior neglect of it that has lead to the present chaos so prevalent in many of our daily lives. Time can be our great rival that separates us from the actual Truth - or - we can harness Time so that it operates in our favor. Your TimeGnosis Personal Timescope provides the method of doing this.

Q. How would I figure out a date for surgery or for other important events?

A. In cases like this, you simply decide which days to go, like those which are positive, such as 1, 2, 6, or even 4 (if precise info is needed). The TimeGnosis system does not prescribe dates for you, but you can learn the system and realize that you can customize your own life around these numerical pointers. Each person's case is very nuanced, so it is hard to give more advice than what we already have stipulated. The sign you are in and the year, month and day, all of it matters. You also have to simply follow your own intuition, rather than fixate on any “system.” In general, we do things good for us on strong days like 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 8 which empower us, whereas 4, 7 and 9 tend to be challenges and empower others. 11 and 22 are not for mundane things, they are set aside for meta matters. In this case you would want to do it on a positive month AND positive DAY. But you must make that choice for yourself and that is where your own SENSE comes in, does it not?

Q. Why are there only three main calculations to the TimeGnosis™ Personal Timing System?

A. There are three levels to this process as there are three parts of the birthday. You must first know your Personal Year Number, which sets the TONE for the year. Then comes the Personal Month Number embodying the NATURE of the month and finally the Personal Day Number that signifies the most aligned FOCUS for you that day. You will want to know these three numbers anytime that an event of significance arises that you wish to have total control over and see go YOUR way. The key is their PATTERN in your timeline and calendar. Once you have these 11 archetypes memorized, there is no need to really do any more than note at any one time the triad of the personal year, month and day number cycles you are in relative to any life choices you are making, or considering, or when under what numbers sequences events have come into your life. It is that correspondence, of when something is showing up under what number sequence in the NOW that is the power of the system. The real secret to TimeGnosis is that the system works as the world works - “in-synch” with this moment. Everything is operating “in-synch” all the time and the synchronicity of the numbers of an event is the real truth. The TimeGnosis system is for TIMING. And TIMING is the key. It is up to YOU to apply it.

Q. What is the difference between basic exoteric numerology and the TimeGnosis™ Personal Timescopes?

A. The proven TimeGnosis Personal Timing System is truly unique among other attempts at correlating time. Other systems are predictive and thereby subject to a vast array of unpredictable variables. Extensive research into these systems found them to be riddled with inaccuracy due to their misunderstanding of natural cycles and their correspondence to the artificial and thus very inaccurate (Universal Gregorian) calendar system.

While TimeGnosis presents number archetypes, one feature that is wholly unique to Timegnosis is the Daily, Monthly and Yearly intentions. Because of the integration of advanced modern computing and quantum technologies, each of these intentions are generated as sub-fractals of their number archetypes personalized specifically to you for that period in time. This is a huge evolution on numerology (and astrology or other predictive systems as generally known), and vastly more accurate as a result.

Q. What is the difference between this system of Number Harmonics and other types?

A. Exoteric Numerology is a basic attempt at correlating time and obeys the Christian calendar cycle of 12 months and is therefore entirely NOT accurate. For Number Harmonics to synchronize with your psychological Self, it must adhere to the Sidereal transits of the Solstice and the Inner Zodiac. Charts based on this exoteric system can be off by as many as 10 days. That is huge if decisions concerning your wealth or key life choices are at stake.

Q. Why does my Personal Timescope skip or change numbers and have two numbers in a row in December?

A. Frequently members ask why numbers change sequences from month to month, and particularly around the 20th of the month. This is normal and correct. Viewing the Personal Timescope like a clock, as one sequence is complete (i.e. the Sidereal month changes from one to the next) it steps the cycle forward “one notch” so to speak to the next cycle. Think of the second hand on a clock, as it completes one cycle, the minute hand moves forward one notch to the next minute. The same is true with the hour hand moving forward after the minute hand has completed its cycle. So to with the Personal Timescope - calculations advance with each calendar and Sidereal month and Solstice year - hence the natural jumps and progressions in the number sequences.

One particular event, occurring during the December Solstice, demonstrates mathematically the Ancient's Myth that tells of time standing still for three days during this period. If you factor in the period of the day before and after, and the time between the sunset on December 21st and the sunrise on December 22nd as “the longest night” as a day - a moment when the earth slows its wobble, stops during that night, and shifts back in the other direction - you have in effect a moment when time does stand still. What is startling to note is the reflection of this Mythology on your Personal Timescope and proves the amazing accuracy of the TimeGnosis system. During this longest night, no matter how the math adds it up, the final single day number archetypes on every TimeGnosis member's Personal Timescope for the day before and the day after this period of time are the same! And this is only seen on the winter Solstice as the “Yin of night” gives birth to the next year's cycle.

Q. Could you please explain how numbers work?

The Divine Intelligence of the Universe communicates to us by way of that which we refer to as “Number.” Number is living energy in manifestation. And there are 11 main levels or grades of this manifestation. Number is essentially sequence. The numbers between 1 and 10, complete themselves by incorporating the positive aspects of the next number, which is closer than it, to unity. But as 1 makes the move toward the positive aspects of the 2, it also inherits the inherent flaws of the latter. Therefore, 1 as 2 must move on toward the 3, and so on. Benefits are received with each move but negatives also come with the progress, hence, the very progress toward final homeostasis. Click here to find out how to learn the deepest level of number meaning.

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