Advancing your Knowledge

We hope that you have made good use of your Personal Timescope, and are now aware of the power and meaning of these remarkable ancient Sacred sciences to improve your life. If you are interested in carrying your study and use of these ancient Sacred sciences further, please continue reading.

The meta-science of is but one of four major empowerment disciplines utilized by our forbearers, the wise-ones of old. Number Archetypes are best used in conjunction with Astrology, Kabala and the Tarot. We specialize in the secret connections between these four great arts and offer our discoveries to you, by way of the Internet. Finally, in this digital age, you can now benefit from the wisdom of the ancients.

If you are interested in learning more about the deep, magical connections between the four great arts of Tarot, Astrology, Kabala and the Number Archetypes, or are interested in finding out more about the “Double-Digit” numbers, we invite you join our worldwide metaphysical family by becoming a member of our online Taroscopes Mystery School, where the secrets of working with the Divination Arts will be revealed.

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