About the Creators

About TimeGnosis®

The mission of TimeGnosis is to bring positive, growth oriented individuals like you into alignment with your intuitive knowing for the successful mastery of your life during this time of rapidly accelerating consciousness.

The objective of TimeGnosis is to introduce you to the concept of living “stress free” in the flow/zone of intuition.

TimeGnosis is either for those who want the winning edge in life or are tired of being stressed and living with the feelings of uncertainty. Based on the most learned ancient and leading-edge science, TimeGnosis is the only system in the world that shows you how to be “in synch” with your personal timeline at any moment, thus assuring well-being, peace of mind and prosperity in all areas of your life.

About Michael Tsarion

Paul Solomon had a goal of bringing together the greatest of Teachers, Thinkers, Preceptors, Healers - the Masters on this planet who would, by their very lives, change the course of history. Whenever he made contact with one of those very special beings he would get to know him or her and recommend them to others. Paul saw Michael Tsarion as one of these Master Souls who, he said, was “truly a committed and devoted servant of God.” Thus, we feel privileged to recommend Michael Tsarion's teachings - Sharon Solomon (Paul Solomon Foundation)

Michael Tsarion Described as a teacher's teacher, Michael Tsarion is a Divination Scholar and Sidereal Mythologist. An expert on Stellar Astrology, he is the creator of the Archetypal Stellar Taroscopic™ Astrological system of Hermetic Divination, and founder of the online Taroscopic Mystery School. Michael is a descendant of a long line of philosophers, free-thinkers, ascetics and visionaries. Born and raised in Belfast Ireland he grew up learning metaphysics from Krishnamurti, Rev. Paul Solomon and Peter Balin. Growing up surrounded by leading free-thinkers and mystery school creators he was under pressure to find his own authentic voice rather than becoming dependant on the systems and influences of others. He has honored his pedigree by dedicating his life to the deepest research concerning the seminal metaphysical sciences.

He has been affiliated with the Paul Solomon Foundation of Virginia, the Rosicrucian Order, the Naqsbaandi Sufi Order, and has taught indigo children at the New Age Academy in Berkeley. As a highly regarded author, Michael is frequently a guest on popular television and radio shows. He is the producer and presenter of the “Origins and Oracles” series that explores the ancient mysteries and secret knowledge.

Michael gives outstanding talks and presentations on the Western Magical Tradition, Astro-Theology, Ancient Civilizations, the Goddess Tradition, Symbol Literacy, Indigo Children, and Sacred Symbolism just to name a few.

About Allen David Reed

Allen Reed As a Social Architect, Allen David Reed combines science with mysticism and spirituality. His visionary passion is developing processes and systems to awaken consciousness and integrate civilization more harmoniously with nature. A generalist who weaves together a very wide and diverse variety of backgrounds, Allen is an entrepreneur, publisher, scientist, speaker, teacher and consultant. Allen's mission is to be deeply grounded in what consciousness wants of us so that he may provide to you methods of guidance of unparalleled value for the complete realization of your wholeness, perfection and God-Given potential... AND the healing of our planet.

Allen has studied extensively in association with many of the world's living geniuses in both Science and the Ancient Wisdoms, is a master dowser fluently skilled in all of the major forms of divination and Feng Shui and is considered to be highly intuitive. Throughout his lifetime Allen has gained knowledge and proficiency in fields ranging from architecture, design, planning, law, publishing, business development and information technology. He was a pioneer in the Virtual Reality industry and for 17 years served as a member and director of the Foundation for Mind-Being Research, an organisation in California made up of leading thinkers and scientists from around the world.

A deeply calm and wise man, Allen lives with a true balance of head and heart. Allen is very drawn to the areas of alternative healing, quantum technologies and homeopathic radionics, and other best practices to facilitate our true life purpose and to aid in environmental remediation and regeneration.